Traditional West African meals in a can? it may sound weird but hear me out it tastes absolutely delicious!

The brand is called Naija Kitchen and is owned by Nigerian man called Timi Anibaba (Mr Ramjam)

His range includes hot pepper soup with fish/beef, beef stew  and fish stew.

My personal favourite is the hot pepper fish soup, its very refreshing but also very hot lol!All you have to do is warm up and eat! It takes minutes to prepare either in a microwave or stove, so for all the people who can’t be bothered to cook in the evenings it is a great alternative to a home cooked traditional meal. Alternatively, if you live in a country where there are power supply issues it is convenient as it is non perishable.


I’m very impressed with the concept as its a brand that can be sold all over the continent as well as bringing west African food in a “convenient” way to Africans based in Europe

This the type of enterprise I believe that we should be engaging in GLOBAL African business!

You can purchase from his website at a reasonable price of £2.50




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