I set up the #ShopAfrican challenge for myself a last year as a reaction to the E.U referendum vote a la “Brexit” It was a shock although not a surprise i could see the writing on the wall since UKIP came to prominence years ago. Something I (and frankly the community) should have been doing decades ago I finally decided to do get most if not ALL of my goods from African owned companies, shops and suppliers.

Anyway, I thought I’d document the highs the lows and in between of my journey so here goes!

It’s been a real challenge because it really becomes a lifestyle I’ve been craving sweets and I can’t just pop into a local shop or newsagent for some urgh

It has been hard hence the word “challenge” (lol!) and I have fallen off the wagon a few times as I have craved for sweets there are no off licenses/corner shops within a 2 miles radius I’m afraid- the struggle is real… However, I have managed to find a one stop (Caribbean owned) grocery shop which is just about within walking distance which is good enough and has been a life saver!

And when I can’t be bothered to shop for food I found a great Nigerian online “grocery” company called afroexpress

I have been buying accessories like bags and cosmetics from African cultural events like Africa fashion week London, Africa on the square & utopia.

And found a plethora of great professional and friendly companies I would not otherwise have been privy to.

In my next post I will reveal some of my faves.

Tweet or mention  #shopafrican and join the conversation!

If you know of some African owned food shops that you like and frequent in the u.k please feel free to mention.

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